Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Wednesday, Do you know where your Illustration is?

I think most of us wake up this way...

So here it is, the beginning. I wish I had some clever quote to start this off with, or some kind of interesting story, but I don't have anything... yet. I just thought this would be an interesting outlet for people to post things like contests that are coming up, or perhaps have some news to share, or even some kind of awesome inspirational song. Yet again, those are not here. YET!

This blog will be an ongoing attempt to keep up with the current members of our fancy little group (I'm pointing a finger at you, people without some form of blog or way to keep up with you on the internet). My hopes is that it keeps us all in touch in and out of school, and gives us an open forum to critique each other, or at the very least give us some sort of padding so that we can maybe bounce ideas off of each other at 4 AM.

If you look to the right, there is a list of the members that have an active page that they update. I will be continually updating this side panel as I see members join up. If you aren't listed there, go ahead and e-mail me or catch up to me in the hallway and I will add you to the list.

And now... the inspiration, let's get those 'ole brains flowing...

But for now... Here's a couple of those inspirational pieces that I was talking about...

"Stomping Ground", oil on illustration board, 11x15
"Deathcult Rogue", oil on illustration board, 11x15
"Serene Remembrance", oil/digital, 11x15
"Totally Lost", oil on illustration board, 11x15

Alright well... cya for now!

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