Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Illustration Club Lock-In (No.3)

It's time for another intense, caffeinated all-nighter with your fellow illustrators! Midterms are next week (holy mother of whatever you worship), so bring any midterm/illustration work! As always, there will be free coffee and snacks to keep you pumped (feel free to contribute to the sugar pile). Any other activities will be rescheduled for later Lock-Ins due to midterms; however, if you want to dress as superheroes feel free to do so! Use this environment to finish midterm papers, paintings, illustrations, study, make awesome snarky congratulatory cards, critique each other's work, etc. The sky's the limit. 

Props go out to Robby Mcelhaney for designing this sweet poster.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Call for Entries!

Thanks Erica for giving me this link...
The Art of Science to read more about it.

Also...  Nathan Fowkes did an interview for SideBar.

In case you didn't know who Nathan Fowkes is...

Gouache on Illustration Board.
Charcoal and white NuPastel on paper.
Acrylics on Crescent cold press archival illustration board. 15"x 20"

Also... there will be a lock-in this weekend starting at 9:00PM.

And lastly... don't forget about Self-Portrait Sunday, every Sunday. Submit images in comment form using your favorite image host. GOOD LUCK!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Results are IN!

(This week, for all of us... Right? Guys?)

This post is going to be a whole bunch of images, possibly followed by a small bit of text.

First off, let me start off by saying, thanks Lee for contributing to self-portrait Sunday. By the way... here are all the results:

(By the way, two? Isn't that cheating? LoL)

Maybe next Sunday there will be more results? I didn't expect too much since this is the first one. Anyway... on to the next order of business.

---> There will be a meeting today in DA3 at NOON. <---
See you guys there.

And finally... some inspiration for all you folks that are busy working on midterms.

"Sagittarius", Digital.
"Virgo", Digital.
"Leo", Digital.

"Practice", Digital.
"It's my Cacothes", Digital.
"Biblomaniacs", Digital.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Self-Portrait Sunday

Alright guys and gals,

I want to go ahead and through something small out there for you all. I want everyone to submit a self-portrait every Sunday and I'll post it on the blog here. Do it in digital, ink, acrylic, oils, pencils, ketchup, coffee, blood, whatever! I just think it would be a really good idea to practice portraiture (especially if we plan on one-day doing this portrait booth downtown).

On a side note, there seems to be a tumblr page for the group. So that will be another good way to keep up with the wonderful folks of the Illustration Club.

"Portrait of Elsa"
"The Mirror"
"Funeral of a Viking"
EDIT: If you want to participate in the weekly thing, just reply to this message with your image posted on your favorite image hosting site. I'll collect them up and post them every monday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Digital or Oils?

"Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues", Oil on Board, 14 x 20.
"Trolls in the Hamptons", Oil on Board / Photoshop.
"River Marked"

(Digital Above vs. Oils Below)

As always... just throwing some inspiration for everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Snarky Illustration Club Cards

At the Lock-In this past Saturday, we discussed possible Illustration Club card themes and we came up with some pretty hilarious stuff! It'd be great if you all can submit cards by Friday for Trolley Night, but if not we can save them for the next one or another related event. Feel free to add to this list if you come up with more great ideas.

*Days of the Week (Happy Monday, etc.)
*Sarcastic Congratulatory Cards (Congrats on getting a parking ticket, a full night's sleep, knowing who your birth parents are, surviving rehab, etc.)
*Art school grievances (coffee stained sketchbooks, dripping illustration room, falling trees, sketchy elevators that stop a foot short, crude graffiti, woodshop horrors, floods, crossing Poplar, etc.)
*Major stereotypes (Illustration/lonely, laid back, John Lee wannabes, Graphic Designers/depressed, OCD architects, Painters/snobby, paint-splattered bohemians, Animators/nerdy, anti-social shut ins, Photographers/narrow-minded hipsters, Sculptors/gold-toothed lumberjacks, Comic-ers/nerd monarchs, Printmakers/angsty boot-wearers, Digital Media/super super friendly walking cameras, Draw-ers/invisible, "where is Waldo"s) **do not take offense
*Stalker sketches (lounge sleepers, faculty not paying attention, etc.)

Photos of Dapper Night!