Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost Spring Break!

I bet some of you guys are SOOOO close you can almost taste it. That joyous occasion: Spring Break.

For those of you going to Italy, I highly suggest you take your sketchbooks, take your cameras, take your monies. Get tons and tons of refs, do some good life drawing, try doing a master study or two, and if nothing else, try to learn about some new great artists while there. I think that this is such an awesome opportunity for you guys! I hope that it's just as awesome as I envision it to be.

Well, there is quite a bit to talk about on this update... so let's get on to the information:


For those of you that don't know about it... there's a small group of artists that pretty much spawned from one singular artist: Dave Rapoza. This guy created an art group called the Crimson Daggers which formed into it's own smaller group, etc. etc. Anyway... to sum up, this might could be an awesome opportunity for you guys to get in on some contests over the break if you  have the time. They are doing their newest Bloodsport challenge and there's an awesome prize up for grabs. It might sound strange, but the prize is to get your entry reviewed by Kekai Kotai and probably help develop your portfolio as a whole.
I would check it out!

Secondly (and if you follow John Lee's blog these are just reposts):

Digital Painting Advice

Honestly, I've been trying to figure this out for some time, why there is any sort of split between illustrators and painters... I think that they both (ideally) work in the same mindset. From what I understand is that illustrators are (usually) working for others using their visions and are not as concerned with the abstract. Whereas painters have the ability to deal in the abstract and tend to work for themselves painting their own visions. Of course I have no real factual evidence to back this up with, but this is just my opinion on the matter. If there are other opinions or clarification, or even a better explanation, let me know in a comment.

Break Through

This might very well be the easiest contest you can enter as the only requirements are that you submit your portfolio. Get in on this! It's an exciting opportunity...

James Jean Interview

This is both awesome (because it's an interview with James Jean), and disheartening because of what the interview is about. Definitely worth a read...

Lastly, as always... more inspiration for your brains to chew up and spit out:

"Boreas", Oil on Canvas.
"The Lady of Shallot", Oil on Canvas.
"The Magic Circle", Oil on Canvas.

(also has a couple of tutorials)

"Spiteful Shadows"
"Shar (version 2)"

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  1. I think a big difference between illustration and painting is that illustrations almost absolutely have to be finished, concise, and well-constructed. Whereas paintings have more free range to be interpreted and have the potential to be more exploratory.

    Also I think digital painting is much closer to drawing with paint rather than painting, anyway.