Tuesday, March 25, 2014


You heard me! Sadly, Erica, Maysa, and I won't be here next year (sob), so we must begin the process of electing new committee members! If you have anyone in mind who you'd like to nominate, please do! If you want to nominate yourself, go for it!
So this is how the voting will work. Since Facebook ballots aren't anonymous, we will be using paper ballots. The box will be placed in the first illustration room, probably near the coffee, and will be locked inMichele Noiset's office at night. But before we vote, we need nominees! Here are the nominees so far!
PRESIDENT- Kathie Rupert and Natalie Jackson
VICE PRES- Joni Miller and Ceci Michelle
SECRETARY- Kai MyersAmber WilliamsDianna O'Briant, and Lea Edwards
TREASURER- Jeffrey Nguyen, Dianna O'Briant, and George Brooks
MEDIA CHAIR- Jessica VandenbergLangley Osborn, and Mat Kaminski

Brief Role Descriptions:
President- lead discussions, organize, rally troops, spokesperson, everything 
Vice Pres- same as president basically
Secretary- records meetings, takes notes, keeps up with sign-ins, etc.  
Treasurer- keeps a record of funds, collects funds and brings to business office
Media Chair- posters, flyers, advertising, rally troops

(Note: Any member of the committee can do any of these things.  You are not restricted to just these roles.  You can change the descriptions as needed)

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