Tuesday, April 8, 2014


4/8 Illustration Club meeting update:

-Spectrum Fantastic Art Live will be in Kansas City, Missouri next month (May 9-11). A 3-day ticket will cost $40, single day tickets with student ID is only $10 (without student ID a single day ticket is $20). Hotel information is listed on the website. If you are for sure planning on going, please sign-up on the SFAL sign-up sheet in the illustration room next to Michele's office!!!

Also, if you want illustration club to help cover the cost of your ticket, you MUST come to at least 2 meetings (there are meetings every Tuesday till the semester ends), and come to 2 illustration club events (Lock-ins or help with bake sales). THE DEADLINE TO SIGN-UP FOR SFAL IS ON APRIL 18!!!

-Lock-in this Saturday!!! The theme for the lock-in is 80s themed!!! Come with some work and drink some free coffee!!! Starts at 9pm in the illustration room and ends when the last person leaves!!!

-BAKE SALE!! Due to another club planning a bake sale next Wed, the bake sale will be rescheduled to a different day next week. Keep checking this page for updates for the new date.

-Zine update! We will most likely have the zine printed off by April 26!!!

-Voting for next school year's committee has begun!! Please vote for who you want for illustration club's new President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Media Chair. Ballots are in the illustration room, and you can only vote once!! Voting will end by April 29.

-Etsy Store!! Another way to get funding for Spectrum is by selling prints, art, crafts, pillows, etc. is on the etsy store. For each item that is sold, half the money goes to the club and the other half goes to the artist. If you are interested in selling your stuff, please email your PDFs or TIFFs to Erica Bottger at erica.bottger@mca.edu.

-Zoodles will be tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:45!! Email Michele if you are planning on attending!! We will be drawing in the monkey and gorilla area of the zoo!

Lastly, there will be meetings every Tuesday between now and the last Tuesday of the semester. There are only 3 more meetings left, so please come (especially if you are planning on going to Spectrum)!

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