Monday, February 18, 2013

Snarky Illustration Club Cards

At the Lock-In this past Saturday, we discussed possible Illustration Club card themes and we came up with some pretty hilarious stuff! It'd be great if you all can submit cards by Friday for Trolley Night, but if not we can save them for the next one or another related event. Feel free to add to this list if you come up with more great ideas.

*Days of the Week (Happy Monday, etc.)
*Sarcastic Congratulatory Cards (Congrats on getting a parking ticket, a full night's sleep, knowing who your birth parents are, surviving rehab, etc.)
*Art school grievances (coffee stained sketchbooks, dripping illustration room, falling trees, sketchy elevators that stop a foot short, crude graffiti, woodshop horrors, floods, crossing Poplar, etc.)
*Major stereotypes (Illustration/lonely, laid back, John Lee wannabes, Graphic Designers/depressed, OCD architects, Painters/snobby, paint-splattered bohemians, Animators/nerdy, anti-social shut ins, Photographers/narrow-minded hipsters, Sculptors/gold-toothed lumberjacks, Comic-ers/nerd monarchs, Printmakers/angsty boot-wearers, Digital Media/super super friendly walking cameras, Draw-ers/invisible, "where is Waldo"s) **do not take offense
*Stalker sketches (lounge sleepers, faculty not paying attention, etc.)

Photos of Dapper Night!

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