Thursday, February 7, 2013

Potential Sketchbook Roster

I was thinking about this yesterday, how interesting would it be to have a sort-of 'roster' of the people graduating that we could actually include in the library so that future students can actually see what kind of work the graduating students have.

I think it would be really cool for not only people to get work out there, but it could sort-of be like a legacy of the illustration department. Maybe this could potentially become a book for sale or something of like the 'best of' from the illustration department?

I don't know, this just seemed like an interesting idea to me. Maybe someone will give me some feedback.

Yet again, more inspiration for you guys doing the tarot card decks. If anyone has any specific inspiration they would like to have, e-mail or something...

"Major Arcana V", photoshop.
"Major Arcana XVI", photoshop.
"Major Arcana XIII", photoshop.
"Major Arcana XV", photoshop.

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