Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Doesn't this blog have DRAGONS?

If you haven't read it yet: John Lee's guide to Critique. Almost invaluable!

I think it might be another interesting event (of course we would need a great deal of permissions) to cover a bunch of walls with butcher paper that has been pre-gesso'd and make an attempt to emulate this kind of thing. I wonder... If I were to collect a ton of cardboard boxes and prime them all with gesso, could we paint on top of them with inks or acrylic perhaps? If so, maybe this could be another form of fundraiser... making a ton of boxes and then painting all over them and then selling or auctioning them off? Yet again, another possibility for trolley night...

And because this blog doesn't have enough dragons...

"Red Dragon", Photoshop.
"Halion", Photoshop. (World of Warcraft CCG for you folks still working on the card game)
"Dragon's Egg", Photoshop.

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  1. Perfect, perfect, perfect, that pillar idea could work!