Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Self-Portrait Sunday

Alright guys and gals,

I want to go ahead and through something small out there for you all. I want everyone to submit a self-portrait every Sunday and I'll post it on the blog here. Do it in digital, ink, acrylic, oils, pencils, ketchup, coffee, blood, whatever! I just think it would be a really good idea to practice portraiture (especially if we plan on one-day doing this portrait booth downtown).

On a side note, there seems to be a tumblr page for the group. So that will be another good way to keep up with the wonderful folks of the Illustration Club.

"Portrait of Elsa"
"The Mirror"
"Funeral of a Viking"
EDIT: If you want to participate in the weekly thing, just reply to this message with your image posted on your favorite image hosting site. I'll collect them up and post them every monday.


  1. 1-hour quick one, womp womp. Gonna do more.


  2. 2-0